Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Your Mother, Not Your...

Jake had a rough time at school last week. There's someone that he rubs the wrong way, and instead of just keeping his mouth shut and avoiding them some words were out before his brain kicked into gear.

Then there was another kid that announced that a particular hallway was his and should Jake be found there, it would be a problem. Fists would be involved.

We discussed both encounters over warm cookies and milk after school.

Scattered Mom: "Well, what could you do?"

Jake: "I'll stay away from Brent. We agreed on that anyway."

Scattered Mom: "Good...and the other one?"

Jake: "Aw Mom I thought he was going to punch me! I can't wait until you're at the'll take care of him."

Scattered Mom:"Sweetie, I'm your Mom. Not your personal Hit man."

Jake: "Same difference."

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