Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ghost Pooper

Awhile ago, Hubs began finding dog poop in our backyard. There it would sit on his carefully manicured lawn like a gift, waiting for us to find (or possibly step in) it.

Which wouldn't seem so strange if we actually had a dog.

For a dog to poop in our fenced backyard, a human would actually have to open the gate and let it in, which just seems too weird to even think about. Why would anyone do that? Is it someone we know and it's a hidden message? Maybe someone just walks their dog through the neighborhood and, upon seeing a seemingly empty home, allows their dog to do it's business in the back yard so they don't have to scoop?

Hubs scooped the poop for awhile until it stopped. We thought we'd seen the last of the ghost pooper, until just today. You'll never guess what I found in one of my herb pots and I went out in search of something yummy to put in my roast chicken dinner.

Let's just ignore the dead sage and chives for a minute, but that my friends, is dog poop. In a plant POT.

Excuse me if I don't eat anything from my herb garden now......

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