Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #26

The days are getting shorter, the wind cooler, and the leaves are starting to turn color. Fall is definitely here! Fabulicious Friday has been a bit neglected these past few weeks as I've gone back to work and had less time to scope things out for you, but never fear....I didn't forget!

1. For you digital photog lovers: Check out JPG Magazine

This is a cool site! Submit your best photos in their themes section. Fellow photog's vote on them, and if yours wins, you get $100 and a free 1 year subscription. They also allow story submissions!

So go out there and flex those creativity muscles, people.

2. Make a difference with just a click: American Express Member's Project

Here's how it works...American Express is giving away $2.5 million to 5 projects that are voted by their cardholders into the top five on their site. So far it's been narrowed from thousands to just 25 and cardholders have until September 30th to help get their favorite into the top 5.

International Medical Corps e-mailed me with info about their project, and it definitely has my vote. We live in a place with more food then we know what to do with; I can't imagine watching my child starve like Moms in third world countries do. Every. Day. (go see their page on the American Express site-there's a video there too)

If you are an American Express cardholder, click on over, vote, and help this fantastic organization grab a pile of money to help their cause. It's only going to cost you a couple of minutes. Not a cardholder? You can still promote projects, and just go read about them.

3. The New and Improved Bean Bag chair: Lojo Ball

We have a small living room so our couches are fairly tiny; which was fine when Jake was small, but now he's a gangly teenager. No more stretching out on the couch because there's no room for both of us! That's when I saw the Lojo ball. Let's just say that I want one. Not only will it allow me to have the couch to myself, but it looks like it would make a great substitute for an ottoman, too!

4. Does your make-up cause a break out? Try Almay's Clear Complexion line

I have really sensitive skin, and for years nothing I used helped to clear it up. Using make-up just made it so much worse that I thought I was doomed! Then by some stroke of luck, about four years ago I tried Almay's Clear Complexion makeup. It completely cleared up my skin and ever since, I won't buy anything else! It goes on light and lasts all day, too. Love, love, love it.

5. Fall means applicious: Try some apple recipes!

Ooo...apples are on sale at my local market and it's so tempting to get a bunch and whip up some great recipes. The BC Tree Fruits site has some really yummy looking offerings, from warm apple crepes to apple coffee cake. Yummy! Over at the Canadian Living site, you'll find caramel apples and apple crumble pie. I think I just might be doing some baking this week.....

Got a favorite online recipe? Share in the comments!

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