Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You Know It Is Finally Summer When....

photo by Amanda Downing
- the weather forecast says that there will be three days of Hot (25 C+), completely sunny days in a row. Of course after that it's supposed to rain.

- a sudden urge for ice cream sends you to three grocery stores, only to find that their freezer cases are completely picked clean, with no more coming for three days. Consider wrestling another shopper for the Breyer's Heavenly Hash in their shopping cart. Instead root through the freezer case and settle for the last carton of Breyer's vanilla low fat stolen from a cart when nobody was looking found on the bottom. Low fat ice cream-that's just wrong.

-your morning revolves around dodging rotating the lawn sprinklers, and trying not to wake the neighbors as you curse at being doused with cold water.

-band-aids and ice packs become a hot commodity with the kids. They compare scars and war stories.

-beach toys take up permenant residence in the trunk of the car with enough sand that leaves you wondering what's left at the beach.

-you discover that the really awful smell in the truck is a dead crab that the kids wanted to keep as a pet.

-root beer floats become the treat de jour

-you have air conditioning or BBQ envy

-and oh-my-lord-I should have exercised more before I put on this god awful bathing suit regret.

-the ice cream truck passes the house four times a day.

-the bathroom is redecorated with wet towels and bathing suits

-everything smells like coconut sunblock during the day, and bug spray in the evening.

-you fall asleep to the sounds of frogs, crickets, and the mosquitoes that snuck in when you weren't looking

-it's over all too soon.

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