Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tourists are Weird

So while you all knew that we had spent July wandering around the backwood trails of Utah all getting in touch with nature-like, I just realized that I hadn't shown you the pictures yet.

This 4x4 trail, named "Chicken's Corners", follows the Colorado River and ends with a great view of Thelma and Louise point. You know, in the end when the girls drive a car off the cliff? That's where it was filmed. At first we thought this part of the trail was the famed "Chicken Corners", because look at how close the road is to the edge of the nice, steep, cliff.

This is the famous "Birthing Rock". Moab has lots of pictograph sites that you can easily visit with or without a 4 wheel drive. Just look at that picture-haven't we ALL felt like a baby was that big?

On our third day we decided that the Dome Plateau trail was our pick. This picture doesn't really show the steepness of the grade, or the rocks that Hubs had to navigate down, but the fact that Jake and I are OUTSIDE of the jeep says a lot. "Mom, I don't want to DIE," was Jake's assessment of the situation. out to keep Jake company. Hubs called me chicken for the rest of the day.

I wish that this picture had captured better the steepness of the road, the collection of the loose boulders under the jeep, and how we had sheer rock faces on either side of the jeep. (You could hardly get out!) Jake and I were afraid that we would actually tip and bounce the vehicle off the sides of the canyon.

Hubs decided to stop and assess the situation while Jake and I stayed put. He stood for a few minutes, having a cigarette and assessing the obstacle, and then did what any man of the wilds would do.

"Mom, is he...? NO HE ISN'T!"

He peed on it.

(Sheesh, you didn't think there were outhouses out there, did you? Good God you're drinking something like a GALLON of water a day and you ARE supposed to pee on the trail so you don't hurt the biologically fragile desert crust....)

The saying of the day then became, "Hey, piss on the rock. It'll help."

And then, THEN!

We were driving along this narrow path, and we see a Hummer coming in the other direction.
Hubs finds a very narrow spot to pull over to let it squeeze through, and what does the guy do?

He stops. Gets out of his vehicle....

And takes a picture. Of US.

Tourists are so weird.

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