Sunday, August 03, 2008

Things You Find When You Finally Clean out Your Garage

- Hub's ID from when he was 19. ("Geez Dad, you look like Jack Black") Seriously, I'd scan it and post if if he'd let me but it mysteriously disappeared. And I don't think the scanner works.

- The hair that Hubs saved from his daughter's first haircut. She's 30-ish. That's some OOOOLLLD hair.

- My handy-dandy elastic bandy thing that I am supposed to be using to stretch but that I conveniently "lost" 3 years ago. Will come in handy now since stretching is doc's orders. "I want you touching your toes in THREE months!" Just hand them a whip, why don't we?

- A picture me on my prom night. ("Mom, the styles back then were")

- A 14 karat, tiny diamond promise ring from my high school boyfriend. (Hubs: "Where did THAT come from?!")

- Sticks. Of every shape and size. (Jake: "But I NEED them!")

- A baggie of rocks. (Me: "Jake, you are a serious JUNK magnet")

- A receipt from a road trip Hubs went on in 1982. It's from a Motel 6. Cost for one night? $25.

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