Monday, August 18, 2008


Okay so now that we're on the topic of weird and wonderful people I'm encountering online, let's take a look at today's Inbox.

Number of e-mails: 66

Total from people I actually know: 2 (one from the library to remind me to return books, one from my sister)

Weirdest subject line: 8 Sticky Boss Situations
Sticky? Boss? I'm so not even going to touch that one.

Indication that the sender has English as a second language: Give your partner new feelings while have a sex

Spammer that needs a calendar: Summer is almost here!
Someone tell that girl to look out the damn window!

Email about ordering Cheap! Drugs! From Canada!: 17
Not that I can't just walk to the corner store, naw, BC is part of the 50-something states and we have kangaroos, right?

Most wild promise: Experience the feeling of YOUTH again.
What, the zits? The insecurity? Maybe the pain of braces on my teeth and the coke bottle glasses? No thanks. I'll pass.

Ahhh spam. Trust me, there will be more. There's always more.

But to make this more interesting, come on out of lurkdom and e-mail me (the link is under my picture). Ask me a question about anything! I'll even (gasp!) answer and post it right here in the Cookie Jar. Go ahead, you know you want to.

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