Tuesday, August 05, 2008


During the madness of the giveaways, I was tagged for a meme where I'm supposed to write six random things about myself. Six? Are you kidding? I already updated my 100 Things post, and added a bunch there.


So....let me think.

1. Sometimes, in the early morning when I'm up and Jake is still sleeping (which is always), I peek in on him curled up in bed. He's usually got one arm flung in one direction, gangly feet sticking out of the blankets and his mouth half open, but he's still just as adorable as he was when he was little. Sometimes I'm tempted to try to toss things into his mouth or pull his toes, just to annoy him.

2. I just tried my first ever mocha frappaccino 2 days ago. It was blissfully delicious on such a hot summer day and had me thinking that if it didn't contain a week's worth of calories, I'd probably consume them more often.

3. Last night as I watched TV with the Hubs, it was as though I was an 8 course banquet for the mosquitoes. Not ONE bothered Hubs but they all hovered around me, hoping for a snack. I killed three of them and the rest, deterred by the fact that I was going to go all Terminator and hunt them down, decided to torment half asleep Jake instead.

4. We have been home about 2 weeks and I still haven't washed the car, which looks like it's been dipped in dead bugs. I sort of wonder if the huge nasty rainstorm near the Grand Canyon didn't get them off, will they ever be removed, or will they be like some nasty bumper sticker? Will I be forced to soak the car for hours? I probably won't wash it today either, since this is the first sorta hot stretch of weather we've had yet in these parts. We're all running around saying, "Wow! It might actually get up to 28 C!"

We're going to the beach, baby.

5. I have a really pretty sarong-thing. About 5 years ago I bought it in Courtenay during market days-it's red, blue, black...super colorful and pretty. I just never use it. I think I may today at the beach because while we've been to places that qualify as HOT in our book (over 35 C), I'm still a very pale Canadian.

6. Hubs and I celebrate our 15 th anniversary this month. When we first began dating everyone (and I do mean everyone) claimed that we were crazy, we'd never last and obviously would be divorced in no time. I mean how could a couple with a 20 year age difference make it work?

We actually are even closer and happier now then we were then-and some of those people?

Divorced. Ironic, isn't it?

And you know, I think I'm supposed to tag six people but I don't think I will. If you are reading and WANT to do the meme, just let me know in the comments and I'll put up a link to you!

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