Monday, August 25, 2008

Highlights From a Weekend of Back To School

Back to school is usually a nightmare that most parents would prefer to avoid, but one night in a moment of stupidity I decided to take the whole process one step further.

Instead of just going to shop, why not go whole hog and camp one night so that we have more time to actually do some fun things? Hubs thought I was completely insane, but waved us off as we pulled out of the driveway; car packed to the hilt with old sleeping bags, a sad looking tent and a cooler full of food.

Jake and I, giddy with the prospect of actually having time to do whatever we wanted in the city, packed so much into those two days that by the time we came home we were exhausted. The highlights?

We were captured by Vikings at the Wooden Boat Festival on Granville Island. I didn't mind so much though, because these guys told me I was far too young to be Jake's mom. (those Vikings know how to sweet talk a girl) They gave Jake a few sword wielding lessons, too. We spent hours browsing through the docks looking at all the beautiful boats.

The displays where amazing, with some of the workmanship so cool it literally made us stop and stare. That's the back of a canoe, folks.

Inside the market we explored the stalls and sampled things like chocolate mint fudge, gourmet dark chocolate, hand made sushi, and freshly made pizza. Mmmm!!!! It was too hard to choose something to eat because everything looked amazing. Where else can you watch crepes being made right in front of you, filled with Nutella and bananas? We tried not to drool too much. Forget about diets here, folks. You just won't be able to manage it.

We also hit Stanley Park! I convinced Jake to roller blade part way around the Sea Wall , although we seemed to give everyone a laugh since we were the ONLY people wearing safety pads and helmets. Not just that, but since we haven't bladed in a long time we were very slow...about as fast as the tourists above, who I'm sure smiled at our blading attempts. Jake only wanted to go part way, so at the half way mark we ditched the roller blades, donned our shoes, and hiked past the aquarium back to the car for Second Beach pool.

At the pool, Jake played on the slide and enjoyed the sunshine while I stole some Jelly Bellies from his stash. Shhh!!!

The camping part wasn't so bad either. I mean sure, the ground was super lumpy and our tent looked quite pathetic, and the site was literally a stone's throw from a bridge so all we heard all night was traffic roaring by. Jake and I made the best of it by toasting marshmallows over the camp stove for s'mores and whipping up a great dinner of hamburgers and corn on the cob.

"Mom, can we do this next year? I mean, I know you're not a fan of camping...but it's been so much fun...."

Next year? Are you kidding? I'm up for three days, thanks. We could hit the aquarium, and then go to Granville Island again but take the water taxi so we have more time, and then the Museum of Anthropology...... and........

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