Monday, August 18, 2008

Google Me

Weird and wonderful searches that have led people to the Cookie Jar this week:

(Edited a bit because it was written late at night and sounded cranky. What, you don't ever do that?)

"Great things for an 11 year old for Christmas"

People, it's August. You're already thinking Christmas?! Are you insane?! I haven't even gotten over the fact that school supplies are in the stores and you want to break out the Santa suit already? Come back in November. Or at least when it's know...smoking hot outside and I'm slapping mosquitoes. Although come to think of it, we were discussing Christmas just the other day and our plan to go to Calgary to spend it with family. We usually never travel during the holidays so this will be interesting-maybe I'll have to start early this year....

"Night of the Grizzlies"

Okay, for those of you that don't know, it's a book about how some campers were attacked by a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park. I read it when I was a teen when my Dad bet me that I couldn't read it and spend a night in a tent-which I stubbornly proved him wrong. Try Amazon and you may be able to find it, or the local library is a good place too.

Of course I don't really have the camping gene now, and have a tendency to freak out and leave my child behind in a tent when a "bear" approaches.

"Feeding a Hamster a Cookie"

Hamsters should only be eating real hamster food or veggies, and possibly a small dog biscuit now and then. People food is a bad idea, although I'm sure if I had cookie bits on me Koko would eat them right away. She already sniffs our fingers and nibbles if we smell like food when we pick her up. Go here for more info....

Koko recommends that you feed your Hammie bits of cucumber, shredded carrot, and lettuce. That's what she likes best, anway.


This post is brought to you by the letter....T. Um...not sure how that leads people here, but okaaay. What would happen in you tried W? Or K? Go ahead, be adventurous.

" Double Fudge Cookies and Rice Krispie Squares"

Hands down the recipes that bring the most people to the Cookie Jar. Which proves to me that there is nothing like chocolate to bring people together. Yum!

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