Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fingers Crossed

Hubs was watching the news in the living room. Suddenly something caught my eye....

"Wait a sec, is that Gustav?" I found myself on the couch next time him.

Oh. My. God. It can't be happening again.

People often say that when moments in history happen, they remember where they were and what they were doing. I distinctly remember where we were when the news of Katrina's devastation began to be broadcast across America.

We were IN America. Our family was on a road trip, on the way home, and we had stopped in Jackson, California. We had decided to grab a bite at a local 50's style diner that was decorated with license plates from every state in the USA (along with some Canadian ones) and huge big screen TVs.

The place was popular! When we entered it was so packed we didn't think we'd get a seat, but soon we were in a booth munching on the best turkey burgers and home cooked fries we've had anywhere in all our travels. The atmosphere was electric-a juke box pumped out tunes, and people were laughing and enjoying themselves over their meals.

Suddenly, without warning, the TV screens had switched to the news and cold, hard, reality was dropped in that happy atmosphere like a bomb. Katrina had made landfall and it was so much worse then anyone had expected. Pictures of Katrina's aftermath suddenly filled every screen in the restaurant.

Oh my god, the pictures. People being swept away, drowning in their homes, the dead bodies, babies crying, and the immense suffering. Everywhere you looked. Death. Destruction.

The chatter stopped immediately. Food was dropped and forgotten. Every single person in that packed, busy restaurant sat open mouthed, silent, watching the TV in growing collective horror.

"Where you going?" Hubs called after me as I fled the couch. I just had to do something. When Katrina happened, I wasn't a blogger. I didn't know anyone from Louisiana. This time, I had suddenly remembered that I had been reading a blog recently and the author was from New Orleans. She had written something about evacuating, and it had really touched me-but I had forgotten to bookmark her blog.

I just had to find her.

Which is weird, since I've never met the woman. But knowing that this was a Mom, like me, with kids, like me, with a hurricane bearing down on her family, was just too much. This isn't faceless people in the news anymore. This is someone whose blog I've just begun reading.

I had to find her. Is she safe? Did they get out? Can I help?

My Blog Roll?....nope.
Twitter followers? Nope.
Bookmarks? Nope.
Feedburner? YES. Somewhere, her blog had referred people to the Cookie Jar.

Hours later, the dinner dishes and fresh baking on the counter completely forgotten, I found her blog and read her account of fleeing in the face of what could be the "mother of all hurricanes."

You can read her account of fleeing the storm here.

Hourly updates about Gustav can be found HERE.

Maybe you guys can lend some support by visiting her blog and leaving some words of encouragement. While you're at it, visit these bloggers as well:

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As you ride out the next few days, we'll keep your families in our thoughts and prayers. May this storm be quick and your homes be spared.

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