Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #22-Updated

There's actually SIX fabulicious items today, because once I published this I checked my inbox and found information about...

1. A Blogging for Blood Cancer Event at Goodies for Mom (and baby, too!)
Supporting the fight for leukemia research is important to me, since I've had a close family member battle this disease...AND a blogging buddy with a child who is facing leukemia as well.

Go check out the site and see what bloggers and non-bloggers can do to get the word out-there's even prizes and cool buttons for your blog!

2. Can it Actually Get Better? Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

Yesterday I had a chat with the people from Nuance-Dragon Naturally speaking has a version 10 coming out, which they promise is faster and even better then version 9! Is it possible? I can't wait to find out! I was told that there is now no training at all, and no wait time from when you speak to when the words appear on the screen.

3. 5 Minutes For Mom: Standing up for Kids with Disabilities

The other night I read this article, and I was so horrified that I couldn't sleep. I had no idea that a certain popular movie (no, I'm not even going to link to it) was poking fun at the disabled community. More disturbing is that the tag line of the film is, "Never Go Full Retard". Some people say that it's actually poking fun at Hollywood actors that play the mentally disabled just to win awards, and those that get it will be "laughing too hard to take offense." Really? Are you sure? I can get the premise of the joke, but it's still not funny. And when you're thinking about it, where do we draw the line? How about victims of 9/11? Why don't we parody their kids? Or those that survived Hurricane Katrina? Kids in a cancer ward, maybe? The point is, we don't because it's cruel-and I personally don't see why it should be any different with those with mental challenges.

Where does society draw the line? At the very least, we need to stand up for people who quite literally often don't have a voice. And if people really do "get" the joke, then why did Dreamworks pull the "Simple Jack" trailer?

The fabuliciousness of this sad situation: Kudos to 5 Minutes for Mom for standing up for their kids! Show your support for kids with special needs and their moms by going here and getting the button that you see in my sidebar. We need to teach our kids that "retard" has been turned into a word that means "stupid", and is mean and hurtful to anyone that it is directed at, even if they are "just joking".

4. Stuff About Town: The Gas Town Motorcycle Show and Shine

Are you into motorcycles? Then Gas Town is the place to be this Sunday, August 17th! Riders from all over bring everything from vintage bikes to choppers, there's music, food, and lots to see! Check out some pictures from last year. This is a free event that runs from about 9 am-5 pm.

5. Looking for Lactose Free Recipes? Try Bonnie Stern's Best of Heart Smart Cooking

By some fluke I signed this out from the library, and discovered a great lactose free macaroni and cheese recipe! Yum! Ms. Stern gives not just healthy, heart smart recipes but many have substitutions for those that are lactose intolerant (such as the use of home made "yogurt cheese" instead milk or sour cream).

6. Environmentally Friendly-ism: Buy a fabric shower curtain

Awhile ago there was some talk about plastic shower curtains. Some groups claimed that they emitted dangerous toxins, while others say the whole thing is "overblown".

Regardless of the toxin thing, plastic shower curtains are a pain. In our extremely humid environment, they are just a magnet for mold and are really hard to clean. Plus what do you do with them when they finally die? They aren't recyclable. So when mine finally bit the dust, I went out and bought a fabric shower curtain. So far? Easy to wash-just throw it in the washing machine, and it doesn't seem to get nearly as moldy as the plastic. Definitely more expensive, but so far, so much worth it.

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