Sunday, August 17, 2008

Afternoon in the Harbor

A few days ago, tired of having little to do around the house, Jake and I took off to the harbor to poke through the shops, grab a cold drink, and watch the boats.

This is actually one of those ugly green hydro boxes that has been painted! Beautiful paintings cover a lot of the hydro boxes in this part of town, and this one in particular caught our eye.

We went by the park, which was full of Canadian geese wandering around nibbling at the grass. "Mom, they're grazing like cows! Let's herd them!"

Umm....ya until one bites you....

We wandered by the docks, and then spotted this sign. I really don't think we'll have any problem following THAT rule!

Jake and I found a spot to rest and sipped cold drinks in the shade while we watched the activity in the harbor. There were fishing boats selling fresh crab and prawns, the tug boats getting ready to leave the docks, and the sailboats with people on deck enjoying the sun. The smells were amazing; fish and chips from nearby vendors, oil from the docks, and they salty breeze of the ocean.

Back in July when we were driving that final stretch home; you know, the last 10 miles where everything is so familiar and yet you've been away so it's a bit weird to see it again? Suddenly we were beside the beach again-waves lapping against the shore, the seagulls, an orange sun peeking behind the mountains with splashes of pink and yellow through the sky, cruise ships winking in the distance. In an instant every window in the car was open, and we drank in that salt air we had missed so much. As much as we love the desert, this is home. Blackberries. Boats. Lapping waves, salty air, and the beach.

Jake and I agreed that we love living next to the ocean. What do you love best about where you live?

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