Saturday, July 12, 2008

When Men Are Left In Charge

I doubt that Jake will ever eat salted licorice again. We had passed a candy store and he bought a bag, thinking they would be a nice treat. He ate FOUR and has been violently ill since-at the time I'm writing this, he's sleeping it off.

Jake: "Hey Mom, while you were in that Linens and Things store I puked in the parking lot."

Me: "Really?"

Jake: "Ya, I told Dad I was going to be sick, but he kept telling me I'd be okay. I finally just opened the door and puked."

Mom: "Eww."

Jake: "That's what Dad said when he saw what I did. Then he moved the car."

Mom: "Why did he move the car?"

Jake: "Well, I had accidentally puked all over the tire of the car next to us. It's a good thing he moved the car, because after the lady came out and she accidentally walked through it. She realized what it was and was so grossed out she was hopping around trying to wipe off her shoe."

Mom: "And what did you guys do?"

Jake: "Hoped she didn't notice us."

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