Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday Hike: Paparazzi Invasion

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Even though we're all at home for a holiday and get to spend every waking moment with each other, we still have been going out for Sunday hikes.

One of our favorite spots is always shaded and usually quite wet. Only in the summer does it dry out, and even at that it often has a few damp spots for the mosquitoes to revel in. This is really good for the frogs, snails, slugs, and other animals that live there I guess, but makes for some nasty bug bites for the humans. In some places it's almost like the set of Jurassic Park with all it's overgrown ferns covering the forest floor, sprouting out of the trees, and the moss covering everything in sight.

When Jake was little he used to run up the trail, and turn around and run back to us. I think he was afraid that a stealthy cougar would snatch him for a quick snack. These days, he's taken to pelting Hubs with pine cones instead. Which really isn't too bad-it's sorta fun, although Jake really can't throw. He has to be two feet in front of Hubs to actually hit the man and even then it's a bit sketchy.


"How many pine cones did you just throw?"
"Only one hit me."

Hubs on the other hand has a wicked arm and if you want to keep pine cones from bouncing off your forehead, you have to watch out.

So while they scared off any trace of wildlife with their antics, I did happen to track down this frog, who I accidentally blinded with my flash.

I tried to get a better picture but it wasn't happy with being the subject of a paparazzi invasion and promptly hopped away muttering something about stupid humans and why couldn't they just let him have a peaceful evening by the pond.

So instead we found something that was much, much slower.

This guy hid out in the shell and refused to come out, even though we promised him fame and fortune.
So then I had to settle for still life that couldn't move on it's own, except by then it was getting dark and Jake's wayward pine cones were smacking me in the head.

We settled back in the car, ignored the pleas for a trip to Starbucks and went home to freshly brewed coffee and chocolate cupcakes. Seriously, how could anyone resist freshly baked chocolate cupcakes?

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