Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quotes from Around Town

Hubs: "It was really frustrating trying to find Hidden Canyon. We drove around for something like 3 hours..."

Book Store Clerk: "Oh but that sounds like FUN!"

Hubs: "Well no, it was really frustrating. It wasn't well marked and we couldn't find it. We ended up on some really nasty spots and had to turn around."

(reality-Hubs and I just about killed each other. We were hot. We were cranky. And we couldn't find the damn trail!)

Book Store Clerk (real perky. So perky that if I had seen her I may have scratched her eyes out): "Oh, but I would've had fun."


Hotel desk clerk 1: "Well I really wanted to get drunk on the 4th, but I have to take this medicine for an infection and I can't.

Clerk 2: "What kind of infection?"

Clerk 1: "Just an infection."

(all together now- this is WAY too much information for the tourists in the lobby)

Hubs: "Do you want the good news, or the bad news?"

Scatteredmom: " There's bad news?"

Hubs: " Yep. Apparently the trail we took today is actually rated difficult."

Scatteredmom: " Um...and that's bad news? So what's the good news?"

Hubs: "We lived."

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