Monday, July 07, 2008


1. Even though I really trust Hub's driving, I will get out of the jeep and refuse to get back in on an incredibly steep slickrock hill.

2. Pucker Pass was given it's name for a reason. It's steep, rocky, and we barely squeezed the jeep through. (I have pictures to show you later!)

3. Closing your eyes while Hub's steers a jeep through ledges and heart stopping drops doesn't mean you're a chicken; neither does gripping the handles on the door so hard that your knuckles turn white. (my hands are still sore)

4. Never, ever, get out of your car at night near the Snake River in Idaho. The nastiest bugs on the planet will eat you for dinner.

5. Texan UPS truckers like to share stories about how their cousin Fred killed a 400 lb wild boar last week, while you're stopping for coffee at the gas station.

6. Make sure that you keep an eye on the dates that you're travelling. You just may end up at the next destination a day early. Oops.

7. You'll have so much fun jeeping that you'll foolishly agree to not only go back next year, but you start planning next year's trip and even find a guide to take you on the extreme trails, and discuss doing an overnight. (yes. I'm crazy)

8. Starbucks is the only thing that is the same as home, and the farther from Canada you are, the cooler the staff think you are. Especially if you were once an employee.

9. Jeeping for 3 days straight in 104 F heat is a fantastic way to completely wear out a 12 year old and make them fall asleep at 7 pm.

10. The milk and cookies offered at hotels are seriously addicting.

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