Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Never Drive Faster Then Your Angel Can Fly

We were sitting in the soda shop, toasting the end of the school year when Jake noticed a pin.

"Mom, what does 'never drive faster then your guardian angel can fly' mean?"
"Oh, if you want your guardian angel to keep you safe you have to drive the speed limit," was my reply as I sipped my cold Coke.

I promptly forgot about it.  Until about 4 am yesterday morning.

Out in the middle of nowhere, on a dark Idaho highway, we literally learned the meaning of that statement.  Our near unspeakably horribly accident was averted..nobody can explain it-not Hubs, not the mechanics that fixed the minor damage on our car, and certainly not by me.

The way things unfolded, and the very minor outcome, were probably 1 in a million.  If it had happened any other way, we likely wouldn't be here right now.

Today as we made our way to our destination, I turned to Jake in the car.

"Remember that saying on the pin?"
He nodded, his expression very serious.
"Our angel really did their job."

"Ya, we didn't mean to show you the meaning of that quite so literally."

On a lighter note, we're having a blast!

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