Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lighten UP

Things have been a bit deep in here lately, it's time to lighten it up a bit.

Today Jake and I walked to the candy store. Not really for candy initially, more to get a phone card to top up my cell so that the phone company would stop sending me reminders to top up my account, because six in 3 hours gets a teensy bit annoying. It's like dude, stop pressing that send button already. I got it.

Plus I felt like going car-less, and it was a nice day. Besides, we can't walk anywhere ELSE around here to a store, lest I want to trek down the highway of doom and possibly become road kill.

We enjoyed a cold drink outside on some rickety picnic tables, and then each opened a grab bag of penny candy; trading, sharing, and discussing the merits of gummy bears vs gummy frogs or Swedish berries.

He thought I was nuts. No 30-something Mom should be enjoying gummy candy as much as he was because geez, you are, like, so old they probably didn't even have candy when you were a child because dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

What is your favorite candy?

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