Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fabulicious Friday on a Thursday : Fourth of July

For the first time in my life, I'm spending this Independence Day IN the USA. We can't wait to see how Americans mark their country's birthday!

1. Stuff to Make: Crafts for the Kids, even stuff to wear!
Going to a parade? How about some of those cute clothes? Plus we all can use stuff to keep the kids busy.

2. What's a holiday without fabulicious food: Food Network USA
How about some cupcakes?
Mmm....I hear that Americans love a good BBQ on the 4th, and we plan to take advantage. What's your favorite recipe or dish? Share in the comments!

3. From sea to shining sea: 4th of July events across the country
Seems like there's stuff going on everywhere!

4. What's the day without ice cream: kick the can ice cream recipe
This looks like a really fun thing to do with a group of kids-and they have some tasty results afterwards, too.

5. Be safe: a guide to safe fireworks for kids
Fireworks can be dangerous-this article gives you some safe alternatives. My favorite...instead of sparklers, hand the kids a glow stick!

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