Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #20

So it's summer and the kids are already driving you crazy with the cries of "I'm bored," in between trying to cram whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet, sticking lego in their ears, and putting the cat in the dryer.

Don't worry. The Cookie Jar is to the rescue!

1. Want a little online gaming with your movie? : Journey to the Center of the Earth
Being a Brendan Fraser fan, I just had to check out this online game that has come out to promote one of his latest movies, Journey to the Center of the Earth. I'm not really a gamer, but it looked like a lot of fun. There are three games; first is a scavenger hunt with geography questions. Yikes! I had to google some of those answers because I really didn't know them. The second challenge is a free fall where you try to miss the rocks and collect diamonds. I didn't do too badly at that one. The last one was a rock hop, where you maneuver across magnetic rocks and collect diamonds. This one I found a little frustrating as I couldn't seem to figure out how to maneuver my person and make them jump where I wanted, and eventually I gave up.

Check it out with your kids-they are probably a lot better at figuring out then I am. See how many geography questions you can answer without having to google!

2. How to survive summer without losing you mind: Keeping Your Kids Busy the Lazy Way
Tired of the kids hanging out in front of the television or with video games? Want to get them back to playing with their imagination instead of the latest plastic toy? I found this book at the library and it's so chock full of great ideas, I wish I had it when Jake was little. In it you can find out how to keep those kiddos busy with nothing more then items you probably have hanging out right inside your house.

3. Movies, movies, movies: Can't Pick Just One!
There are so many movies coming out this summer from all our favorite actors that it's so hard to pick! Here's what we've got our eyes on in the Cookie Jar

The Mummy 3 : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The X Files
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Prince Caspian

Break out the popcorn; even though we often wait for the videos, this year the temptation is just too much. Which movie do you want to see the most? Any recommendations?

4. Looking for more? Keep an eye out for Science Saturdays
Saturdays have become science-y in the Cookie Jar as Jake and I get our hands dirty doing all sorts of experiments and then posting about them over at Mommy Whoever said science is boring? With me providing the materials and Jake providing the science explanations, we'll have lots to keep your kids having fun with items you probably have laying around your house.

5. What's summer without a party: The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival is Back!
From July 28-August 1st, the Cookie Jar is participating in the Bloggy Giveaways. What will be offered up?

-the folks at Fandango are giving you the chance to win a $20 gift certificate (USA only)
-The Cookie Jar is offering Canadian readers the chance to win a one year subscription to Canadian Living Magazine. Make sure to check back and enter!

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