Friday, July 18, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #19

Gearing up for a vacation? Keep some of these fabulicious things in mind while you travel, pack, or plan things to do:

1. Oh so tasty and healthy too: Izze fruit drinks
Have you tried these? Starbucks in the USA carries them, and we did find them at a few gas stations as well. At first I dismissed them as another "healthy" (cough) pop, but then Jake convinced me to try one and I actually read the label. Mostly juice, a little sparkling water, no preservatives or artificial food coloring? I'm so in. Plus they taste really good and aren't really sweet. Yum!

2. So good you'll go for more: Holiday Inn Express's Cinnamon Buns
For our entire stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Bend, we avoided those cinnamon buns, but on the last day we snagged a few to go. As we drove through the Columbia River Gorge between Washington and Oregon, we scarfed those babies down and regretted that we didn't eat more of them when we had the chance. More biscuit-like then bread like, they are a great treat in the morning! Plus Holiday Inn has special little boxes made just for them if you want one to go. A word of caution: just like it says on the box, they will cause an irrepressible urge to seek out more Holiday Inns so that you can fulfill your addiction.

3. Wish we did this while we were on holiday: Letterboxing
Fast becoming a hobby, this free and fun activity combines treasure hunting with navigating! As you follow the clues, you come to a box with a stamp inside. Stamp your book, use a stamp of yours to say "I was here", and leave it for someone else to find.

4. Can't travel without it: Tide To Go
This baby became the "must have" of the trip! From rescuing Hub's shirt from some mustard, to tomatoes on my shorts and BBQ sauce on Jake's shirt, we used this a lot more then I expected-and it worked every time. Love it! I highly recommend taking one on vacation with you and keeping it in your purse.

5. Events around town: So much to do, so little time!

HSBC Celebration of Light
(July 23, July 26, July 30, August 2 - 10:00 pm in English Bay)
Brave the crowds as thousands watch three countries compete for the title!

Courtenay's Market Day
(July 18, 9 am-9 pm 5th Street, Down town Courtenay)
It's a beautiful day...why not head off to 5th street in Courtenay for Market Days? The entire street is blocked off, and the merchants set up booths with fantastic deals! There's food, music, and lots of fun for the kids. Jake and I looked forward to this every year! Be sure to stop by Whale's Tale toy store and then go to Hot Chocolate's for a yummy treat.

Parksville's Lions International Kite Festival
(July 19-20, Parksville Community Park)
Family friendly, free, what more could you ask for? Watch the kites, visit the vendors, and grab a stuffie in the teddy bear parachute drop.

Have a fabulicious weekend full of fun, food, and relaxation, whether you're at home or on the road!

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