Thursday, July 17, 2008


The last official stop of our vacation was Bend, Oregon. After a long couple days of driving, I have to tell you-this city of about 75,000 people in Central Oregon was a welcome relief.

Our first hotel wasn't a relief, really. I think we're becoming a bit used to amenities that in previous trips we would've done without..."we're becoming hotel snobs", Jake commented as he laughed at Hub's reaction to our original reservation. Granted, the place was very clean and had a beautiful pool. However, there was no laundry or computer, the beds (rooms, and tvs) small, and breakfast was cold bagels.

Fortunately there was room at a different hotel with much more amenities (reviews to come over at Oh, The Places You'll Go!). Apparently rooms are hard to find in Bend, as it's a resort town with tons of things going on, like quilt shows, horse shows, cycling classics, you name it.

We visited the High Desert Museum, which featured a lot of exhibits and animals. Jake loved it! He especially loved the tortoises and we kept finding him over by their tank talking to them. We hiked into lava tubes and along obsidian flows at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, stopping to rest and attempt to take pictures of the squirrels and chipmunks that ran around checking us out.

Of course we couldn't resist hitting the stores to do some shopping; and wow, does Bend have some great shopping!

This year, unlike previous, we're not completely vacationed out quite yet. We sat in Black Bear diner over lunch talking about our next trip; but this time, I posed a question that I don't think Hubs was expecting.

"How about Hawaii next year? Snorkling? Tropical beaches? Volcanos? Polynesian culture? You wouldn't have to drive. It's all in American money said that we've seen all the western USA and going east is just too much driving. If we're going to fly, why not go for it?"

Jake just about went nuts at the mere idea of Hawaii. Hubs looked at me like I was nuts.

Hmm...I have a whole year to search for deals and then break him down, bit by bit.

(Damn. Just as I finished typing that sentence, he quietly snuck up behind me, read over my shoulder and then without me knowing he was there, suddenly replied, "You think so, hey?")

I swear I just about fell off the chair!

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