Monday, June 16, 2008

Where's a Camera When You Need One?

So after much tweaking XML code, swearing at the screen and locking myself up for hours on end so that my poor family has to fend for themselves, I got this place up and running the way I like it. I think that this template is going to stay, because it's sorta grown on me. (and by God, I have no time to change anything more)

A new feature being added here in the Cookie Jar is a link to a new blog that is dedicated to all things road trippy. I don't have time to begin adding piles of new content now, but by August it will be completely up and running. Maybe even sooner, if I'm lucky! Feel free to go check it out. I had wanted to add a travel section in here, but didn't know how to do it other then add a whole new blog for it, so there you go!

Check out some of the great new recipes in Recipes from the Cookie Jar (follow the recipes link in the top of this page)...there's no pictures, but I have tried them all myself and they are YUMMY.

Now if I can just survive the next two weeks where we have Jake's grade 7 grad, the grad party, 3 retirement parties, a staff lunch, a staff wind up BBQ, a staff brunch, etc, I'll be set.

Oh and I should have a visit from the police tomorrow because I reported some guys that were drinking in the park down the road and decided to moon Jake on his way home from school.

"Mom, it was nasty. The guy even started scratching his butt."

And so summer begins. At least the sun has come out now....

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