Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Which I Put a Dent in My Wall

I am completely at my wits end with Jake. For the longest time I had thought that the homework wars were over.


WRONG. Jake has simply taken on a new tactic, as in "what my parents don't know I won't have to do." If there's math, and it's not written down, he won't do it. If there's Socials, and it isn't explicitly written to print out the 1000 word gynormous Ancient civilizations report and physically hand it to his teacher before 3:01 pm on Monday, June 2, 2008, he'll come home with a note saying it's two days over due. And even if the instructions were so explicit, he'd find a way to argue with them.

So far has looked like this:

Sunday (morning)
Me: "Jake, work on your report."
Jake: "How long?"
Me: "Until it's FINISHED. Then proof read, print, and put it in your binder. No tv, no computer, no phone, no friends until it's done. DONE. It's due Monday."

Sunday (afternoon)
Jake: "I'm finished! I want to go outside now."
Me: "So I should proof read your report."
Jake: " No, Miss K already did."
Me: "So then print it out so you can hand it in. It's due Monday."

Monday (morning)
Me: "Jake, did you print out your report?"
Jake: "no. I'll do it at school."
Me:"No, I don't care that you can do it at school, do it now. It's due today. "

Monday (dropping off at school-he's literally leaving the car)
Me: " So did you print out your report?"
Jake: "No. I'll do it at school."
Me: "Don't forget to HAND IT IN. It's DUE TODAY."

Monday (after school)
Me: "Did you print off your report and hand it in?"
Jake: "Yes I showed it to the teacher and he said it was fine."

Tuesday (after school)
Me: "What is this note from your teacher that your report is two days late?"

Jake: "Well I tried to hand it in but I couldn't print it because the computer lab was busy and Mrs. N was using her computer and so I just showed it to Mr. E and he said it was fine so I didn't think I had to hand it in and Mr. E keeps changing the due date so I was confused, and then Neil doesn't want me to be friends with Allan so he's telling Allan that if he keeps playing with me they won't be friends anymore and I'm really upset because I want to be friends with Allan...and..."

Me: "And you haven't been doing your math homework, you got zero because you won't write in your reading log, AND you told your teacher you can't work on any Ancient Egyptian models because we won't let you do it at school?"

Jake: "But nobody said that that the report was due Monday....."

Me: "What the (insert really bad word you should probably never say to your 12 year old) do you think I've been doing for the past 5 days?!?!?!?! What's written in your agenda 4 TIMES in RED?!? I've spent probably $30 and an entire afternoon sewing you a (insert word here) tunic and you won't even take the simple step of handing in a stupid report? If you get a bad grade you can't blame anyone but yourself. I've done everything but stand over you with a big whip and beat you until you do it. I feel like I am completely wasting my time!"

Jake: "But the teacher changed the due date (he didn't), and the lab was busy (it wasn't, he could've printed it off at home). I had no math (he did, he just didn't do it) and the reading log is pressuring me (give me a break, he's supposed to write 10 or 20 in every day from when he reads-it's been going on all year)

Banging. Head. On. Wall. I'm soooooooooo frustrated. What do you do when your kids just won't do homework? He has no TV. No computer. No phone, no friends, no outings, and now lost going to a fun after school event. Problem is, this has been going on for awhile and I'm running out of things to take away. Suggestions, before I completely lose my mind?

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