Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabulicious Friday Five #15

This has been the weirdest week that I've experienced in a long time. If it isn't the fact that our government wants to hit us with a carbon tax (isn't $1.42 a liter for gas enough already?), there's bizarre things happening in the news. Heck, there's bizarre things happening in my neighborhood. Even Mother Nature has decided that the crazies are too much for her and has taken off to warmer places. Yes, that's right. This June has so far been the coldest on record.

I am SO ready for summer vacation. Anyway, I feel the need to share the crazy......

1. Weird News of the Week: Severed Feet and 12 Year Olds Suing Their Parents
So even though the contents of the most recent piece of foot wear to wash up on a BC beach turned out to be fake, theories abound about the mystery of the feet. If that isn't weird enough, a 12 year old took her Dad to court because he grounded her...and she won. WON!

I'm speechless. Seriously.

2. Fabulicious Festivals: The Vancouver International Jazz Festival June 20-29
Wow! 10 days of music ranging from packed venues to free outdoor concerts. Take a look at the site for more information, tickets, etc.

Something else I've always wanted to do...The Dragon Boat Festival (June 21-22). It started as a demonstration for Expo 86 and became a legend as well as mulitcultural festival! Come celebrate the 20 anniversary....admission is free!

Another favorite festival of ours is the Transformations on the Shore Driftwood Carving Competition in Campbell River, BC! When we lived in Campbell River years ago it was family tradition to go see the carvings in progress, and then the final judging. The saws rev up on June 25 and have until June 29th to create something amazing, so don't miss it! Admission is also free!

3. Books I need to buy Jake: How to Fossilize Your Hamster: and Other Experiments for an Armchair Scientist

Don't worry, we're not planning on fossilizing Koko...and I would most certainly make sure that Zinger's grave isn't dug up. These books look like something right up Jake's interest level though, and answer those gazillion questions that he asks me on a daily basis that I can never answer. Got a science minded kid? This looks like the book for you!

Oh! And there's another!

4. Mouth-watering cookies I must try: Everyday Baking's Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies
I really shouldn't be eating these since I react funny to peanut butter, but they look delish! So instead I'll just share with all of you. Mmm..... Now these Black Forest ones on the other hand....
I'm not sure I can resist!

5. Environmentally Friendly-ism: President's Choice Green Cold Water Laundry Detergent
I thought I'd try this product since it was on sale for super cheap. If you read the reviews, some people say that it was very thick and jelly like, which I find a bit odd since mine is no different then the Tide Free I was previously using. (it's been suggested that there was a bad batch?) It seems to wash clothes well and I like the fact that there is no heavy scent/color in it. The only issue that I do have is that the measuring lines in the cap are really hard to see and I literally have to take a minute or so to find them. Would I make the switch? Well...if the product is on sale I'd buy it, but I'm not a total convert. I already wash in cold water all the time anyway.

Have a fabulicious weekend, whatever you choose to be doing!

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