Monday, June 23, 2008

Call it Karma

I've done something wrong. I'm sure of it. I think I angered the weather gods, or the travel gods, or whoever up there.

Firstly, since it's tradition before a holiday, I'm sick. The ol' sneeze all over everything my-head-is-going-to-explode sort of sick. Hubs is not coming within 10 feet of me at any time, because he knows what's coming.

He's next. It's tradition. First few days of any vacation, he always gets sick.

We also fielded phone calls of a possible glitch in the hamster sitting plans, which caused me to put a "Hamster Sitter Wanted" sign up at work. Everyone laughed at it, and nobody volunteered. Of course after a week of trying to bribe anyone who would listen, it finally worked out. It cost me cookies, cash, and a souvenir from our holiday...which is better then a dead hamster the alternative.

Jake graduates from elementary school this week. He's been dreaming of the day that school ends (especially elementary school) for quite awhile and made that very clear this morning when I (gasp!) tortured him made him walk to school this morning. He was in such a bad mood that I called the principal.

"He just may be late. And he's in a REALLY bad mood."

The phone rang 1/2 hour later.

Jake: "Mom, I'm sorry that I was so cranky this morning."

Me: "Um...that's're at school, right? Why are you phoning?" (please no, no, you're not in trouble, if you forgot something so help me God I'm not going to bring it and yes you ARE walking home today....)

Jake: "The principal made me. She said I needed to apologize to you."

Me: "Oh. Umm...okay. Thanks." (Apologize? How nice. Next time bring chocolate.)

So anyway, in Jake's excitement to soon be free of school, he massacred three of the five pairs of pants that he owns, and I literally had to hide the best pair so he has something decent to wear to his "graduation".

I also have to rescue the $30 shirt and $15 tie that he has crammed in the back of his dresser drawer before he tosses in some rocks or pine cones or something.

My week is full of retirement parties, year end wind up parties, arranging things like travel insurance, oil change appointments, and gifts for teachers. One day alone looks like this:

9am-11am-grade 7 grad ceremony
11:30 am-1pm- staff celebration lunch (at my work place)
1pm-5pm-grade 7 grad after party
4pm-8pm-staff wind up beach party dinner (for my work place)

This week there isn't a list. There's multiple lists, from packing to "To Do" ones that are pages and pages long. It's SCARY.

No wonder I've developed this really weird eye twitch.....

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