Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Advice From Teens

So after yesterday's hair pulling frustration fest, I went to work and asked the experts-teenagers. I told them the story and point blank asked them, "What's up with THAT?"

The group laughed. Feet were shuffled, they grinned at each other, and then they began spilling their responses:

"Ya, my parents would get mad and yell at me too."
"Mine wouldn't care."
"I do that too. Sometimes I just forget. "
"It's easier to just blame the teacher."
"I don't like to hand stuff in either."
"But you're so nice, you mean you actually lost your patience and yelled at him?"
"Ya but you don't live with her dude, if she was your mom it would be totally different."

Then the response I didn't think I'd get:

"Well at least you know he's a normal kid."

Uhhh...ya. I guess......

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