Sunday, May 25, 2008

Widgets are Evil

Okay, maybe they're not EVIL. I'm afraid that if I anger the computer Gods, they will on turn on me's say they are...temperamental.

How's that?

Let's just say that with HTML, XML, etc I am completely self taught. I have learned everything through reading up on it and just playing around. Recently I discovered that I had deleted a very important (and much needed) widget. A widget that was needed in order to preform some of the very cool stuff I'm planning to program in there.

So to fix it, of course I completely screwed up my template. That then destroyed hours upon HOURS of research, placing code in appropriate spots, etc. It has taken me all freaking day to fix and I'm sure my husband is feeling very much like a blog widow. Hours where I was screaming at the screen saying "just WORK, dammit!" Because I'm fun like that.

The truth is, I'm trying to avoid cleaning the bathroom. Helping Jake clean out his abyss that was too disgusting for words room yesterday left me with really sore joints.

I think now things are running fine again here (if anything isn't, please tell me) I'm going to go watch bad TV now, and make a pot of soup for dinner because that just will make it better. I need to save my energy for later on this week when I need to help my child weave reeds together to make papyrus, whip up an Ancient Egyptian costume, and make salt dough so we can make an eye of Horus amulet.

Don't ask. Let's just say that some of these school assignments get WAY out of hand.

Edited to Add: Actually widgets aren't all bad; go click on over at the new Seeqpod widget in the sidebar there...and you can listen to some of my favorite songs while you're browsing through the Cookie Jar.

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