Thursday, May 01, 2008

She Just Keeps Going, and Going.....

I have written and re-written this post probably twenty times tonight, because I know that just the very act of posting a hamster picture on here is going to make someone very unhappy. As in, I could just get my first hate mail.

But you see, Jake has been asking me to do this for quite awhile and I've been hesitating for that very reason. At some point the other day though I realized that while this former friend sees no problem with assuming (and then writing) things about me, I'm just not going to stoop to that level here on my blog. That's not what Notes From the Cookie Jar is about. Not just that, but when my son asks that I post a picture of his beloved hamster, I'm going to honor it.

Anyway, it's a good thing I took my time because it has taken months to actually get Koko to stop moving long enough to get a picture. You see, hamsters fast. If this one was a human, someone would insist that she has ADHD and want to put her on Ritalin. After they looked at her for five seconds and filled out a Connor's checklist, of course. Hey, I'm not trying to be disrespectful of anyone that has ADHD. I just know from personal experience with active creatures that some people leap to that assumption immediately, even when they are completely off base.

So surprisingly, Koko has dubbed Hubs as her favorite Human of all time, and if he's even remotely near her cage she does this frenzied "please-pick-me-up-because-I-love-you" dance. It's surprising because Hub's first reaction to wee furry beasties was "you humans are nuts" and "I'm not touching that stupid thing." In the last few months she's completely won him over and the very first thing he does upon entering the kitchen is have a chat with Koko while she tries to burrow through the crook of his arm, head first.

Her favorite snack is strawberries, she can destroy a toilet paper tube in about 2 minutes flat, is known to even work the lid of the roly-ball thing, and she really hates to be woken up.

If you really piss her off, she'll throw poop at you and sulk under her wheel.

This girl acts more human all the time, don't you think?

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