Saturday, May 03, 2008

Need a Little Support?

photo by annie mullinsuk
Today Jake and I went to the city to do a little shopping. Normally that is absolutely not how I'd like to spend my Saturday, since my Saturday mornings usually are my alloted blogging in pjs with a coffee in hand time. However, Jake's shoe needs were dire, and there was the small matter of a dress shirt and tie for his grade 7 "graduation", so off we went.

It's the city, we said. They have lots of selection, right?

Sure, they did. If Jake wanted to wear pink or purple, and be made fun of for the rest of his life. Or there were shirts for kids that were about 2 years old, and grown men, but nothing for a 12 year old boy. Finally, after hours of looking, we found the only 2 shirts Jake's size in all of Vancouver.

"Um, where's the change room?" Jake turned around, only to see a sign pointing them out.

In the heart of the lingerie department. Past a gauntlet of frilly unmentionables.

"NO. WAY." He backed up slowly, as if a push up bra would jump out and wrap itself around his leg. "I'm SO. NOT. GOING. IN THERE."

When I asked the sales clerk if there was another change room, she looked at red faced Jake trying to hide behind the shirt in his hand.

"No, this one good. You use this one!" She grinned and pointed to the change rooms. The lacy bras hung daintily beside the black sexy numbers, and racks of colorful thong undies lined the aisle.

Jake gripped my arm and dragged me in with him.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," he sputtered as he began changing shirts. " Women come in here and try on their bras...and why the heck does it say love your bra on that sign?!?"

That did it. I think I got him to try on one shirt before he bolted out the door for the safety of the tool department.

Later tonight when we got home, we told Hubs about the "traumatic" experience, and Jake snorted in disgust.

"Ya like I'm going to share a change room with a bunch of women trying on BRAS," he rolled his eyes. "I may be 12, but I deserve respect too. You wouldn't see them making DAD try on dress shirts in there now, would ya?! I will NOT look at girl's underwear!"

I'm still biting my tongue, but I do think I'll bring that up in about 5 years and see if he's changed his mind.

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