Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Monthly Meal Plan

Just recently I had a comment from a reader about how they would love to see a monthly meal plan. To be honest, I found that monthly plans were a bit too strict for me. You see, I have what you could call "food envy". I see something better in a magazine after I've made the plan, and then all that planning goes out the window.

Let's face it; food is expensive, and right now it seems like the prices are only climbing higher. A few months ago I could pay about $4 for a 10 lb bag of no-name brand flour, and now it's $10. We live in a tiny town with very little selection when it comes to groceries, and what selection there is comes with a price. Many people go the Cost-co bulk buying route, but I just haven't brought myself to go that far for a few reasons. Firstly, there is only three of us so it doesn't make much sense and we have very little storage space. Secondly, once you add on the cost of a ferry trip and gas, you have pretty much spent your savings on travel.

Instead, I'm trying hard to buy less packaged food, less meat, buy local, make stuff home made, skip stuff that we really don't need, and buy what's on sale, which can be tricky. Usually I sit down on a Friday and scour the flyers, keeping in mind what we already have, and then plan from there. Any menu that I plan is always subject to change based on what I find at the store.

However if you'd really like a monthly plan, why not check out my weekly menus? You can mix and match them, and some even have my own "straight outta my head" recipes.

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