Friday, May 09, 2008

Fabulicious Friday Five #7

1. Magazine that I love: Canadian Living's Cookbook Specials

Every now and then my favorite Canadian magazine publishes a great Cookbook special, all chock full of fantastic recipes and tips. The latest on news stands right now is Market Fresh, which highlights summery recipes to savor in the upcoming months. I can't wait to get cooking!

2. Getting Hosed at the Gas Pump: Ottawa Citizen's Report

Okay this isn't fabulicious, in fact it really steams me. Did you know that the Ottawa Citizen is reporting that 1 in 20 Canadian Gas pumps are in fact ripping us consumers off? It's a bit hard to swallow when we've watched the price of fuel skyrocket. This nifty tool allows you to check the record of the gas pumps in your area...I just found out that where I regularly fill up was ripping me off.

3. Way Cool Mother's Day Thing to Do: Whistler Mountaineer Train

Hey did you know that there's a BC resident's special going on right now? $125 for a return train ride, meals, and station transfers! Sounds like a wonderful thing to do on Mother's Day, but you'd better book now!

4. The Cookie Jar's Favorite Mom-ish Movie: Step Mom

This movie is a favorite in our house, even though every single time we makes me cry. EVERY TIME. What's your favorite Mom movie? Let me know in the comments.

5. Surprise Mom with a Yummy Breakfast: French Toast

No burned toast and rubbery eggs for Mom here, this is the best French toast recipe I've found yet. It's delicious topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup! The trick to really good French toast is to slice up that French bread the night before. Let it sit out and get a bit stale before you cook it, then it won't go all mushy in the middle. I mean, just look at that, wouldn't you like to wake up to something this yummy in the morning? (besides Johnny Depp, that is)

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