Monday, May 12, 2008

Cookie Crumbs: Role Reversal

If there's anything that I love for Mother's Day, its a nice meal that I don't have to cook. Hubs decided that on Saturday he'd take me out to a nice restaurant with friends as a treat and so there we sat, sipping coffee, nibbling bits of creamy cheesecake, and laughing. Then my cell phone began buzzing away in my purse.

Jake: "You said you'd be home by 10."

Scattered Mom: "What, are we on a curfew? Mom and Dad are just out for dinner. We're enjoying a coffee. Relax, we'll be home in a bit."

Jake: "It's 10...oh eight"

Scattered Mom:"So then why aren't you in bed?"

Jake: "I'll go to bed when you are home and I know you're safe."

Actually, it was more like "there's a movie that I want to watch on TV and I'll go to bed when you're home and I have to."

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