Monday, May 19, 2008

Calling All Readers...

The Cookie Jar has some big changes in the works. I've been playing around with widgets and layouts and things, and am putting together some stuff that I hope you find very cool.

Be patient. This could take awhile, but I'm hoping to have it all up and running by the end of June at the latest. There's a lot of content I have to create and things I have to move around.

One of the big changes coming to the Jar is an entire section on road trips/family travel. There will be tons of information on destinations, attractions, tips on where to stay and eat, and links to resources.

This is where you come in.

Do you have a fun restaurant in town where you like to take visitors? How about a nice little beach near your home where the kids love to play? Where do you vacation? Been to a great museum? What do you recommend? I want the local scoop on where YOU hang out, and what your favorite vacation destination is.

Would you want to write a guest post (complete with pictures) to share? E-mail me and if it fits into what I'm going, I'd love invite you to contribute here in the Jar, or you can write it on your own blog and I'll link to you. Let me know! If I already have a page written, I'll add your smaller tips and tricks to it, with credit to you and links to your blog.


Oh and by the way, if you are an international visitor, feel free to e-mail me too. Some international tips could be a lot of fun.

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