Saturday, April 12, 2008

Listen Up

So I haven't heard anything yet after being almost bled dry last Monday, and instead, everything hurts. Fingers. Toes. Wrists. Elbows. If it's a joint, and it's attached to me, it hurts. You know even the cartilage that attaches your ribs to your breastbone? Hurts. Moving aggravates everything, sitting or laying down stiffens me up. I feel like I'm falling apart. Hey, I'm like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz....remember when he was all rusted and couldn't move? Quick, someone squirt some oil on me!!!

Anyway, blogging seemed completely out of the question, because typing has just aggravated my fingers and wrists to the point where I'd be in a corner curled into a ball, whimpering. I was so irritated, because we all know that blogging is like crack and we need our daily fix. Not to mention that I just landed a feature blogger stint over at, and have no intention of stopping any time soon. If I can't blog, my head will explode!

This morning though I had a revelation as I spied Hub's headset sitting on the computer. Wait a sec, we have Dragon Naturally Speaking and I can dictate my posts without using my hands at all! The wonders of modern technology! I have to say, it's very weird blogging by voice. I sit here and talk to myself, occasionally expecting the computer to answer or something. It's just a little weird. So far the software is amazing, although sometimes it will come up with very strange words that are certainly not what you said. There's also no punctuation, unless I tell it to punctuate ( by voice of course), so unless I'm really thinking about it, everything could be one giant run-on sentence. Hubs says I will get the hang of it soon, and Jake thinks it's funny that mom is using his program.

Hubs and Jake eyed me the other day as wincing in pain, I slowly rose from the couch, testing the waters before I moved too quickly.

"Geez. Dad married a lemon. You're falling apart! " Jake giggled as I threw a pillow at him, hitting him squarely in the face.

Hey, I may move slow, but I can still throw stuff.

Edited to add the typos that I missed yesterday. I'm sure not as good when I blog by voice...I need fingers! Thanks for your patience.

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