Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kindness Challenge Update

So it's been a few days, and you're probably did she actually mean it when she said she's going to do this kindness thing?

I did. Here's what happened so far:

Wednesday (Day 1): at work, we had run out of sugar for our coffee. It's been an ongoing thing, really. Nobody brings sugar and then everyone digs around and comes up with all sorts of weird sweeteners for the coffee. Honey, brown sugar, berry sugar, etc. I wordlessly filled a container with my brand new bag of sugar and just left it beside the coffee pot.

Reaction factor: Nobody really noticed, except they were all happy there was actual sugar!

Thursday (Day 2): kids at work love my cookies. I don't bake them for all my classes, just now and then for certain classes that need a little more...attention. I had received a request for cookies from a student, and Thursday night obliged by staying up well past when I wanted to go to bed to bake a batch of chocolate chocolate chip, just for her class.

Reaction factor: The kids, and the teachers who I surprised with cookies, grinned and cheered.

Friday (Day 3): At work we had a bunch of goodies set up in the staff room. The office ladies couldn't leave their posts to grab a treat. When I realized this, I grabbed a plate, walked back to the staff room and filled it for them, then delivered it.

Reaction factor: They were a bit speechless.

You may notice that so far, it's had everything to do with food. Baking for people has always been my way of being kind, and so that part comes natural. However, 30 days is awhile and it takes a little time to come up with creative solutions to making someone's day a little brighter. I don't want to stick to the same old things, you know? I'm already trying to think of something new or different to do.

If you've taken on the challenge, what are some things that you've done?

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