Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #3

Book I just finished this week: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
I discovered Sophie Kinsella's book "Confessions of a Shopaholic" a few years ago and quickly fell in love with her books. This one is just as cute and funny, with the main character Lexi discovering that she has amnesia and has gone from snaggle toothed struggling worker to hot, rich, married boss lady. Makes a great, light read.

Environmentally Friendly-ism: The E-Cloth
Sprays to clean glass and chrome make Jake cough and aggravate his asthma, so I'm very interested in how the E Cloth works. The plan was to buy one today and report on how well it tackles my toothpaste spattered bathroom mirror, but the store was out of them! I'll keep that rain check and report back as soon as one is in stock.

Great Cafe for lunch in Vancouver: Phoscao
Located near Granville and 15th, this little cafe was recommended to Jake and I when we were visiting the allergist. The service is quick and friendly, the warm wood interior and fireplace in the corner tell you to just sip your coffee and relax. The turkey sandwich on multi-grain and Jake's panini were both scrumptious! At $13 for lunch, including drinks, we thought it was very reasonable as well.

Yummy Health Foodie Item: Hemp Hearts
Throw them in pancake mixes, on top of your yogurt or in your oatmeal...they impart a bit of a nutty flavor and some texture. Not just that, they are very good for you too! We were given a sample at a local market, but we have found them available at our local grocer as well.

Baby Baby Save-y : The Tiny Tots Coupon Book
For only $10, pick up this cool little coupon book that offers savings on everything from Vancouver family attractions to baby clothes, accessories, classes, photography, and much more! You can order online or buy one through the listed retailers. The site claims that you get over $3000 in savings, and $195 in free items. Wow!

For residents of Vancouver, a site is giving away one coupon book for FREE (scroll down the page to find the instructions). You have until May 21st to enter, just send an email along with your name, address, and suggestions on what you'd like to see on their site to

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