Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabulicious Friday Five #4

It's been a slow week of posting in the Cookie Jar. Maybe it was the all nighter from extreme abdominal pain, the almost Emergency Room visit, and then the scolding from the doc and appointment for an impending ultrasound. Lesson learned: next time stop trying to be a martyr and just go to that ER, already!

Or possibly it could be the fact that Jake thinks Mother Nature has become an alcoholic because she just can't handle the whole climate change thing, and we've had snow/hail/sun/rain/wind all in one week-sometimes in one day even!

Let's just say we're all VERY happy it's Friday. This weekend's plans are to sit around in my pjs, watch movies, and do absolutely nothing...except maybe bake some cookies, because I'm like that. What's a lazy weekend without chocolate, anyway?

So onto the Fabulicious Five....

1. Book I'm currently reading: The Kite Runner
I'm about half way through, and so far I love it. I won't say too much lest I spoil if for people, which would be totally hateful. I don't know if I could watch the movie because of a certain scene in it, and so far, the story is very sad. I am, however, enjoying it.

2. Environmentally Friendly-ism: Earth Day is April 22
Want an Earth Day countdown button for your blog? Go here...although I couldn't figure out how to get it working here in the Jar, so if you figure it out please come back and tell me!

Also, I heard on the news this morning that on Earth Day, Laughing Bean Coffee (2695 East Hastings, Vancouver) is taking old computer equipment and recycling it. In return for your useless monitors, printers, towers, etc you get a free coffee. Wow! Would be great for us, since we have a bunch of old stuff to get rid of.

Not into coffee? The Omnimax Theatre at Science World is holding a special speaker and screening event of "Grand Canyon: River at Risk"on April 22nd from 7-9 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door, and you'd probably want to get there early. Having personally seen various parts of the Colorado River all the way from a jet boat in Moab to the Hoover Dam, and the at the Grand Canyon, I'm sure this film would be spectacular and well worth it.

3. Absolutely Most Incredible Soap Shop Ever: The Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Jake and I discovered this fantastic little shop in Vancouver last time we had a day in the city. Piles of gently scented handmade soaps drew us in and invited us to just pick them up and take a whiff. It didn't take long until Jake and I both decided we just had to buy some; because unlike other soaps, these ones are all 100% natural! The hardest part was choosing just 5 bars, but we did (after sniffing each one and asking the clerk her favorites, then agonizing over our choices another 20 minutes). We skipped home with our bag making the entire car smell lovely. I'm currently using the Mountain Dew soap. It smells like a cup of peppermint tea, has a rich lather, and makes me feel so pampered in the morning that I don't think I can go back to regular old soap. Ever. I even skip the moisturizer. Jake declared that his Dry Scalp Shampoo soap was the best thing he'd ever used. This is a kid that has a chronically dry, itchy scalp and nothing has ever worked for.

"SEE?!? Smell my head! It smells like rosemary! I LOVE it!" He shoved his wet, spiky hair into my face last night and I must admit, it smelled wonderful. The next day he declared that his scalp wasn't itchy...which never happens.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company also carries all kinds of other products, so I highly recommend that you pop on over to their website and take a look. No, they didn't pay me to say mention them here; I went, I bought, I loved, I wrote. (and I want to buy some more!)

4. Way Cool Free Stuff: The Bloggy Giveaways!
Bloggy Giveaways are happening next week and there will be prizes right here in the Cookie Jar! Also, check out the links that will be going up where you can visit a site that literally has hundreds of blogs that are giving away prizes. Here in the Cookie Jar there will be one prize for a lucky winner from the USA, and one lucky Canadian winner. Make sure to come back and check it out on Monday, April 21st when the Cookie Jar goes LIVE with the giveaway.

To be honest, I've love to give away some of that Rocky Mountain soap but alas, I'm too selfish to part with with mine. Another time, perhaps?

5. Buying Local: A Trip to the Farmer's Market
Jake and I used to always visit the farmer's market when we lived on Vancouver Island, but since we moved her about 2 years ago we have yet to check one out. If Mother Nature can hold out and not dump a bunch of snow on us tonight like she is threatening to, we may just trod on down tomorrow and take a look. What a better way to gear up for Earth Day then to buy locally grown produce! We plan to make it a weekly affair come summer.

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