Friday, April 04, 2008

Fabulicious Friday Five #2

1. TV show my family is currently hooked on: American Idol
I detest reality tv, but American Idol has held my family in it's clutches since it's first season. With the immense talent of the contestants this season, we are firmly committed to watching until the very end. Our favorites so far are Carly and Brooke.

Is it me, or are the judges being nicer this year? I mean, besides Simon's usually nasty (although often truthful) comments? And why are they so hard on Brooke?

2. Environmentally Friendly-ism: Clothes drying rack
I bought one of these things awhile ago to free up a little space when I'm air drying stuff rather then using my dryer. It's fantastic-and I use the dryer so much less now, which is a VERY good thing. Mine is small enough to be in the laundry room, yet I can also stick it outside on my back porch if the weather is nice.

And while you're at it, check out these really cool bags that Andrea made to reduce her plastic bag usage. I think I may just make some!

3. Giveaways and Contests: Homebasics Canada
Most contests and giveaways online are from the USA, but here's a Canadian site that has a bunch! You can sign up for their free magazine that comes with coupons and recipes, participate in a survey, and best of all...enter for everything from a $200 Walmart gift card to a 31 gifts in 31 days prize package.

Also, over at Canadian Living's Green Living Blog, there's two tickets (valued at $150 each) to Brewer's Plate Toronto up for grabs. The catch? You have to leave a note in the comments about eating locally during our dark winter days. You have until April 10, so get your comments in!

4. Gearing up for spring: Growing herbs indoors
Over spring break Jake and I started a bunch of herbs indoors. While I'm not a really fantastic gardener, herbs are easy and really useful! How often do you buy cilantro or parsley at the store, only to have to throw it out because you don't use it all? With a pot of it growing on your window sill or porch, not only do you save money but then you can just snip off what you need. This article has some really good tips. Our favorite herbs are rosemary, cilantro, parsley, and chives.

Tips to remember:

Rosemary can't tolerate cold-we brought the pot in for the winter and it's happily growing in the kitchen. Plus it doesn't like to be too wet, so if you are like me and tend to forget to water it, you're okay. Generally it's hard to start from seed, so buying a plant is probably best.

Mint and Thyme are invasive, so they are better in a pot on their own.

Basil needs to be kept watered regularly, and watch for bugs-they love it. I've often had my basil succumb to the munching of insects.

5. New Cereal In the House: Cinnamon Streusel Mini Wheats

Jake and I are long time Mini Wheat fans, and these aren't bad; certainly much better then the vitamin tasting Vanilla or Strawberry flavors. However, maybe it's a Canadian thing, but the Maple flavor is still our favorite.

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