Friday, March 07, 2008

This Just In...

Hey the Jar has been a bit quiet this week but stick around for the following upcoming events....

Scattered Mom packs up Jake and ventures to the city in search of a new pair of glasses since hers are about 7 years old and sorta ugly. Wanna help me pick out some frames? I'll even have pictures!

On the way, they stop at Whole Foods and check out all the cool stuff there. I see some yummy recipes coming up for the week, such as....

Lamb Pasta Sauce and butternut squash ravioli
Thai Sirloin with Mango Salad

and more...depending on what is at Whole Foods, of course.

You'll get a view of what it's like to ride BC Ferries.....tourists think it's like a low cost cruise, but for us locals, it's more like a bit of an obstacle in our quest to leave the islands we're on for a taste of civilization.

And if time allows, you may get a peek at another Vancouver destination that's fun.

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