Saturday, March 15, 2008

Store Greeter Rage

Jake and I were in the city last weekend, and on the way home decided to stop and buy one of those racks that you hang wet clothes on, instead of using our dryer so much. We were tired, had been stuck in traffic for hours, and were just ready to get out of there but decided on one last quick stop before we hit the ferry.

The rack wasn't hard to find and soon we were loading it into the car when I noticed it was missing a small plastic foot. So leaving Jake in the car, I went back in to find the piece.

"You need to take that to customer service". As soon as I entered the store, the greeter stepped in front of me and wouldn't let me pass.

"No..see?" I showed her the rack, "The foot probably fell off either right over there at the cash register, or when I put it in the cart. The rack had all four when I put it in the cart-I had checked. I'd rather just take a look for it first." I stepped around her and walked to the line up of people by the cash register I had just gone through, and began scanning the floor.

She was obviously irritated and began to follow me and talk as if she was explaining something to someone incredibly stupid.

"You have to take that to customer service and do a refund, and they will get you a new one, because that one is missing a piece. You could leave that one with me and go get a new one, but you must go to customer service."

Customer service where the line is 20 people long and if I stand in there we'll miss a ferry and wait at a terminal for another 2 hours.

"No." I continued to scan the floor. The line of people waiting to pay for their purchases began to enjoy the exchange and watched us with interest.

"But you must go to customer service, " she repeated, still following me, but edging closer to finally being only inches away.

"No. The piece is right here somewhere on the floor I don't need to return it. I'm not going to stand in a huge line to return something that doesn't even have to be returned."

She kept repeating her line and following me, edging ever closer, until I finally snapped and whirled around.

"Would you back off?!" She took a step backwards, and my head began to implode.

"I'm not going to stand in another line up of 20 freaking people over a stupid piece of plastic that probably is sitting on the floor!"

Then suddenly, right on cue, there was the plastic piece...on the floor, just as I had suspected. Muffled giggles came from the line, as people began to glare at the greeter.

I scooped it up and popped it on the rack, shook my head at the wide eyed greeter, and stalked back out of the store.

"Geez..." Jake commented when I relayed the story to him in the car as we drove to the ferry, "Too bad I missed that one," he snorted, "Mom has Greeter Rage."

(I'm usually a very laid back customer because I've worked in retail. Really. Have you ever had a case of store rage?)

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