Monday, March 31, 2008

The Lunch Box Foodie

This morning I packed Jake's lunch just before we ran out the door, and just before I handed it to him, I sent him away to take the recycling to the curb. Why?

Well, I wanted take a picture of his lunch, just because I'm weird that way. Recipes from the Cookie Jar is starting a new series called "Confessions of a Lunch Box Foodie"; I'm always told that I pack interesting lunches for Jake, and so here's your chance to take a snoop! Jake is fun to pack lunches for because he loves to try new foods and is very excited about anything even remotely gourmet or different. I love packing them because I can get creative, and they encourage me to make myself something better then the packet of instant oatmeal that's been hanging around in my bag for the past week.

This Monday's lunch was pretty mundane, really, but I'm just warming up. Jake's class is still traumatized from the time I sent Sprats before Spring Break, and he gleefully waved them around the room, announcing that he was eating tiny FISH. Like, whole, even. They still speak darkly about it and warned him not to bring any more. Ever-because fish, apparently, disturbs the sensibilities of the delicate young teens in the room.

I've never been so tempted to send egg salad, but I refrained. Just barely. I wanted to send the leftovers of the delicious fish tacos that we'd had the night before, but Jake thinks they need more time to recover. The chocolate zucchini bread almost sent them into cardiac arrest today,what with the thought of vegetables (shudder) in their chocolate.

Hmm. That about clears it for sushi next week, don't you think?

I'm so evil.

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