Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fabulicious Friday Five: Because Thursday 13 was a little long winded

So some of you that follow this blog closely (all 4 of you), know that I tried doing a Thursday 13. That didn't last long, as you have noticed. I got so bored to tears writing it, that I thought if I was bored writing the darn meme, you readers must be really bored of reading it.

Instead I've done the typical Scattered Mom thing and made up my own, which I'm calling the Fabulicious Friday FIVE. It's shorter, sweeter, and so much more interesting. Actually, it's the same thing as the Weekly Top Five that I used to do...let's just say I've made it better. More fabulicious.

1. Candy I just discovered: Turkish Delight

Remember in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Edmund is completely enchanted by the Queen and her Turkish Delight? Well. For Easter I bought Jake a bag of Turkish Delight from Purdy's chocolate. It is AMAZING. I have to force myself not to eat the entire bag when he's not looking. If you love gummy candy, it' the best gummy candy EVER.

2. Technology that I've been drooling over: The SMART board

I saw this article the other day at work. Can you imagine a classroom where there is an computerized, interactive board instead of a chalk board? Where learning disabled kids aren't held back by their disability? I am SO excited that there's technology like this. My next question is...where can we get it?

3. Environmentally Friendly-ism: Earth Hour is today

Started originally in Australia in 2007, people around the world are shut their lights off for one whole hour to conserve energy. Here in BC Canada, our hour is from 8pm-9pm. Try it! Light some candles and rustle up the kids for a fun board game or game of cards; you might find that you'll leave them off even longer.

4. Movie I watched this week: The Seeker

It takes a really good movie to have my full attention instead of crocheting or something, and this one had me completely focused from start to finish. From the reviews, the book is supposed to be better-but isn't that how it always goes? Similar to Harry Potter, it's about a boy who, on his 14th birthday, discovers he has special powers. We loved it-now Jake wants to find the book.

5. Book I just finished reading: The Other Boleyn Girl

I thought I'd read it before I saw the movie, because a social studies class I work in is studying Henry VIII. The book is a pretty good read; although I found myself wandering in the middle and becoming a little bored. My final conclusion was that geez...if people think teenage girls are hard to handle these days, be grateful we don't live in the 1500s. Yikes.

Edited to add: Obviously the coffee hadn't kicked in this morning because I had to come back and fix some spelling/grammar errors that I didn't catch earlier. Sorry!

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