Thursday, March 20, 2008

Egg Decorating 101: Miss Piggy and Lizard Love

Ms. Piggy
No need to worry about Ms. Piggy falling over, her skirt helps her stay upright!

Materials: 1 blown egg, dyed pink and dried
pink card stock
google eyes
1 pink paper muffin tin liner
pink ribbon
paint brush

For the skirt: cut a hole approx 3.5 inches diameter in the flat bottom of the paper muffin cup. Check to see if it "fits" your egg; trim until you can push it on, but it sits fairly tightly. Remove. Using the paintbrush and thinned glue, brush the edges of the muffin cup all the way around and then dip in glitter. Let dry.

Fit the skirt back on the pig, adjust it to where you want it to sit, and then turn the egg upside down and brush a layer of glue around the waist of the pig so that the skirt is glued to the egg. Let dry.

Cut ears, a tail, and snout from pink card stock, adding whatever details you wish with felt pens. Glue to egg. Glue on google eyes and ribbon. Allow to set.

Lizard Love

We picked up this very cool lizard punch at the dollar store awhile back and Jake thought that putting little lizards all over his egg would look fun.

Materials: dry, blown, dyed egg
white school glue
multicolored card stock
scrapping punch

This one is so easy...basically you just punch variety of different colored lizards and glue them on! There's a huge variety of punches at the dollar store so one could even do bunnies, polka dots, or chicks.

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