Thursday, March 20, 2008

Egg Decorating 101: Decoupaged and Glittered

Who says Easter eggs have to be dyed, or that you have to be a crafting godess? Jake created these two eggs all by himself. These work especially well with eggs that have been slightly cracked while you've blown them because the imperfections are hidden by the medium.

Decoupage with napkins (use blown eggs)
These are a great way to use up leftover Easter napkins and is very similar to paper mache. If you know how to paper mache, this is a cinch!
Materials: white school glue
paint or sponge brush
floral or Easter themed napkins
clean, dry, undyed blown eggs
Cut the napkins into 1/2 inch squares. Pour approximately 1 tbsp of glue into a small cup, and add a bit of water to thin it to the consistency of paint.

Using the paintbrush, brush a small area of the egg; lay a piece of napkin over top, and apply glue over top, smoothing the napkin piece onto the egg's surface. Continue, covering the entire egg. You can overlap pieces if you like.

Glittered Eggs (use blown eggs)
Materials: white school glue, thinned with water to the consistency of paint
a shallow plastic container
sponge brush
clean, dry, undyed, blown eggs

Brush egg all over with glue, then sprinkle/dip/spoon glitter over top until completely covered. Sit on waxed paper to dry.

*note: fine glitter works better then the coarser versions.

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