Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Things to Do: Egg Dying Party

Dying eggs is always more fun when you have more then just one person, so when Jake was a preschooler, we held Egg Dying parties and invited all his friends to join us. I must admit that out of all the kid's parties I've done, these were the most fun!

The premise: Each kid brings 6-8 hard boiled eggs to decorate and an Easter basket. You provide the materials, the food, and the enthusiasm.

How To: Set up a nice large table, covered with a disposable tablecloth for easy clean up. This is a messy type of party and really best done outside if the weather cooperates. Make sure you have the following.

-at least TWO egg dying kits for about 10 kids. They hate to wait.
-I provided smocks-you can make your own by cutting a neck and arm holes in black garbage bags
-plenty of the egg can even make some out of wire if you need to
-a mug for each color, and lots of spoons-kids like them
-lots of stickers (I divided the sets and gave each child a set amount, at their spot at the table)
-glitter glue or pens, for when the eggs dry and the kids want to dress 'em up.
-crayons, divided into three sets-place one small container of them at each end of the table, and in the middle. They can draw on the eggs and then dye them, with their drawings showing through.
-an egg carton for each child with their name on them, to set the eggs while they dry and to take them home in.

-make sure to boil some extra eggs just in case some arrive without them and have everything set up and ready to go before the kids arrive.

For the kids that arrived early, we had the materials for making "bunny ear hats" ready for them.

Other Stations for the kids who finish dying early:
-sidewalk chalk
-various outdoor toys

The food: At that age kids don't eat a lot and are interested in mostly familiar foods, so we just set up a food station and allowed the kids to nibble whenever they wished. Everything was served in Easter baskets and cute pom pom chicks, as well as Jake's own stuffed bunnies, adorned the table. These Jelly Bean carrots would make cute party favors, as well as decorations.

-rabbit "juice" (mostly juice, a bit of ginger ale)
-devilled eggs
-carrot sticks, other raw veggies, and dip
-crackers and cheese, sliced garlic sausage (Jake's favorite)
-easter "surprise" cupcakes
-sliced fruit-strawberries, pineapple, apples, oranges, melon, etc and dip


We took the kids to the front yard while my helpers hid all the "loot" for the Easter baskets. Some games we played were "Duck, duck, Goose" and things like tossing a water balloon back and forth to see if it would break, and an egg and spoon race. The kids also had the chance to throw a raw egg each to see how far they could get it. (They thought this was hilarious!) We also did Hot Potato, but used a hard boiled egg instead.

Egg Hunt:

At the very end we sent the kids back to the back yard-each with instructions that Mr. Bunny visited, and left them treats but they could only have the ones that had their NAME on them. Prizes were the following:

Seeds (to plant carrots!)
Easter books
side walk chalk
Easter themed stickers, erasers, pencils

The kids went home with a basket full of loot, their decorated eggs, and some bunny ears. Jake declared those years the best Easter yet.

Photo by Willow&Mark

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