Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Repeat After Me

Scattered Mom: "Okay, according to the directions for the passport application, a guarantor has to be a lawyer, a doctor, principal of a school...blah blah blah (reading from a list)"

Hubs: "No. Someone in my office said that they can do it."

Scattered Mom: "But office manager is not on the list."

Hubs: "She can do it."

Scattered Mom: "No, she can't. They'll refuse the application. She's not on the list. You have to get someone who has a profession that is on the list and has known you for two years."

Hubs: "I don't care, she told me she can. I'll get her to do it. She's done it for lots of people!"

Scattered Mom: "You aren't listening. These are the instructions. You have to follow them!"

Later that week...after an all day trip to the city to the passport office....

Scattered Mom: "So Honey, you know when you insisted that I go to the city to get glasses because your co-workers said it's cheaper?"

Hubs: "Yes...."

Scattered Mom: "And instead it was twice as expensive?"

Hubs: "Uh-huh..."

Scattered Mom: "And how that people whose professions are NOT on lists can be guarantors for passports?"

Hubs: "Yeah..."

Scattered Mom: "Repeat after me. I will stop listening to my co-workers and start listening to my wife. I will now pay homage in chocolate to my wife, who will have to take an entire day off, catch another ferry, and go to the depths of the city AGAIN to the passport office because my application was reeee-jected since I thought I was special and the rules didn't apply to me."

Yes. In case you were wondering, I did smack him upside the head.

Incidentally, for those that care, Passport Canada informed me that if you use the new applications (such as the ones online), a Canadian who holds a valid passport and has known the applicant for at least two years can be a guarantor. However, if you have a Canada Post that is stocked to the rafters with the OLD applications, you must have someone whose profession is on the list in the instructions.

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