Friday, March 07, 2008

Cookie Crumbs: Radioactive Pee

Hubs:"So why aren't you on the computer?"

Scattered Mom:"Well I have kinda decided that I probably spend way too much time on there and would like to spend a little more with you, even if it's watching shows I'm not neccessarily crazy about."

Hubs:(muttering under breath) "spend a ton on a stupid computer and she's not even using it...."

Scattered Mom:"OH. You just wanted the TV to yourself, didn't you?!"


Jake: "Mom, why are you drinking so much water?"

Scattered Mom: "Well I had to get a CT scan, and they pumped me full of imaging dye. They said that I need to drink a lot to flush it all out."

Jake: "What will happen if you don't?"

Hubs: "She'll have glow in the dark pee."

Jake: "COOL! Can we try that?!?"

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