Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Weird Week Edition

It has been a week in the Cookie Jar where it seems as though everything has just gone...weird.

1. We found some actual, genuine, pot in a herbal remedy book that Jake signed out from the library. Seriously. The real stuff, that you could smoke. We didn't.

2. I gained 8 pounds in six days.

3. My work place caught fire.

4. We discovered that our side gate is continually being left open by some mysterious presence who has a dog and lets them poop in our backyard.

5. I watched American Idol and couldn't help but wonder if one of the contestants wasn't a drag queen in a former life. He's just too pretty.

6. During the show I fell asleep and had a dream that he was dressed in plumes, makeup, and tights, singing "It's Raining Men" in Vegas.

7. There was that eclipse thing. Maybe I should blame it all on the moon.

8. I lost the 8 lbs I had gained in 3 days.

9. I have craved peanut butter like mad for an entire week even though it makes me sick because I'm peanut intolerant.

10. I keep trying to add minutes to my cell phone, but all I keep getting on the website is that the site is out of service. For three days?

11. The BC government has brought in a carbon tax and even though it doesn't come into effect until July, gas has already gone up more then 10 cents a liter.

12. Jake can't get in to see an allergist here until August. Call the city and sweet talk, he's in there in April.

13. The President's Choice en Papillote commercial is driving me insane. Every time it comes on TV poor Hubs hears me yell, "It's SHRIMP, you morons, not SHRIMPS!!!"

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